The Benefits Of Living In An Independent Living Community

05 Feb

There are many ways to define and name a senior living community, but whatever label you choose to apply to it, most certainly it is not a nursing home! Senior living basically refers to independent living, retirement housing, or independent senior living as well. These are terms to clearly describe exactly the same kind of senior living community: independent living with the added benefit of assisted living. In an independent senior living community, seniors live primarily in a residential community, participating in community activities while also enjoying the benefits of private senior housing, typically in an apartment or villa, where they can receive extra assistance with daily personal care needs. To understand more about   senior living communities, visit

It can be very easy to think of senior living communities as simply places where seniors can live communally with other seniors; this is not the whole truth, however. In fact, in many cases, these communities are also ideal for single senior homeowners. As one might expect, the majority of the time, senior living communities are designed around the senior resident's particular needs and lifestyle. Depending on the facility, there are usually several options for those looking to move in and live communally among other seniors. This may include living in homes that look like apartments, live in houses or condos, or even small, cozy condos.

What makes The Cottages at Sanders Glen appealing to seniors? The reality is that seniors who live in these communities experience a level of independence that simply isn't duplicated when living in a nursing home. There are many activities for seniors can take part in, from walking to gardening to taking long walks in the neighborhood. There are also opportunities for residents to meet other seniors who share their interests and hobbies. For many seniors, this is something that they just can't get at a nursing home!

Perhaps the most important reason why living in independent living communities is so attractive to seniors is because the residents are kept busy. In many nursing facilities, seniors are left alone to tend to their various needs - after all, you can't exactly take care of everything all the time, can you? However, with an assisted living community, you have a group of people who are dedicated to your well-being. They'll be your everyday voice of support, especially during your time of need. They will be there to point you in the right direction if you need help bathing, eating, moving, or anything else. After all, the last thing you want is to be left alone in pain, so this is certainly an appreciated asset.

Independent Living Communities can also offer residents a few unique benefits, such as a physical plant. While nursing homes help residents exercise and eat properly, they don't provide them with a regular daily dose of physical exercise. Fortunately, independent living communities do! Many of these communities feature large, covered exercise yards where residents can do all kinds of things, from jogging, to walking, to aerobic classes. This not only helps provide a healthy lifestyle, it also provides seniors with a chance to burn off some excess energy.

Independent Living Communities are also dedicated to scheduled activities. Whether residents want to go for a jog, play tennis, go dancing, or participate in other structured activities, they can find these activities and more at an independent living community. Unlike in nursing homes, many seniors actually prefer to pursue their hobbies and interests, which is why many communities offer more activities than simply walks or games. There are also numerous social events hosted by the community on a regular basis. From dances and parties to holiday parties and more, there is usually something for everyone. To get a detailed overview of this topic, see here:

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